What is the project

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The Juventude Privada project is a non-profit socio-educational initiative that seeks to promote teaching about privacy, protection of personal data, and digital citizenship, so that young students can make informed decisions and protect themselves, whether online or offline.

Through the Project we intend to share knowledge and contribute to the creation of a culture of privacy and protection of personal data in Brazil, focusing primarily on the democratization of knowledge to those responsible, educators, and especially young people, which are the future of Brazil.

Juventude Privada aims to provide a relevant cultural change by sharing innovative content to the school environment: privacy. Its main goal is to clarify the fundamental duties and rights of the information society, building a solid educational base, and developing critical and healthy thinking among young students regarding their data and their rights.


Supporters are fundamental to reach our transformative potential, with the union of the different areas of society. Do you want to be a supporter and help us spread the Data Protection project and culture in Brazil? Get in touch!

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We focus on sharing knowledge of Privacy, Data Protection, and digital citizenship for schools in the public and private systems.

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Based on the support of our volunteers, our supporters, and sponsors, we intend to positively impact the largest number of people, with the main goal of democratizing knowledge in relation to Privacy, Data Protection, and digital citizenship.

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We aim to build awareness not only to young people but also of their parents on the subject.


We provide support materials to continue the teaching about Privacy and Security on the internet with young people, at home! We offer resources created by our team, as well as suggestions from other partners, such as Google.


Career in privacy

coming soon

In order to inspire young people who want to join the Privacy and Data Protection field, we have created “Career in Privacy”, a channel in which we interview highly regarded professionals who tell a little about their professional path.

project's foundation

Fábio Lara Aspis
CEO and Founder

Fábio Lara Aspis is a Lawyer in Privacy and Data Protection, Compliance and Life Sciences. With a great interest in the academic and social fields, he created the Project Juventude Privada out of his passion for the subject and for believing it to be a piece of necessary knowledge for all individuals in a society based on personal data.

The main goal of the Juventude Privada Project is to make young people aware of the Privacy and Data Protection rights they are entitled to, based on cultural change and the sharing of quality knowledge.”